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Course layout

Par 5

488 yards

A relatively short three shot hole, our opening hole features a fairway bunker on the right side of the landing area. It takes a tee shot of 255 yards to reach the bunker, so it is not in play for shorter hitters.
The second shot landing area, approximately 40 yards short of the green, has a bunker on the left where the easiest approach to the green lies. The green runs diagonally left to right, and is protected by two deep bunkers on the right front. A great starting hole offering a chance for an easy par or birdie.

Par 4

433 yards

A long par 4 hole with a slight dog leg left, this hole has no bunkers on the fairway or around the green. Trouble awaits errant tee shots both left and right of the fairway. The back to front sloping green features a grass hollow flanking the left front. Par will be a good score.

Par 4

296 yards

One of the course’s great short par 4 holes, number 3 offers long hitters the chance to drive the green. But beware, as trouble in the form of trees on the right and left, and pot bunkers front and back, await all but the most perfect of drives. Lay up tee shots must be left to have a good look at the green. An excellent birdie opportunity, but bogie is likely if your tee shot goes astray.

Par 3

182 yards

The first par 3 on the course offers quite a challenge. Trees right and left, and deep bunkers front and left make an accurate iron shot a must. The large green offers several wicked pin placements.

Par 4

354 yards

A good, drawing tee shot will leave a short iron to the green on this dogleg left. But hit your tee shot too long and straight, and out of bounds awaits you. The green is protected by one bunker on the right front.

Par 4

279 yards

Another neat short par 4. With the two tiered green only 279 yards from the gold tee marker, golfers must decide if the possible reward of driving the green is worth the extreme risk as three bunkers guard the front of the green area, and any tee shot right of the green will face a watery death. Birdie is there for the taking, but bogie or worse is likely if you get too greedy.

Par 3

207 yards

Be sure to hit enough club off the tee on this long par 3 as anything short and right is likely to end up in a deep and challenging bunker. Hitting the green does not guarantee par as three-putts are common on this large, sloping, 6,640 sq. ft. green.

Par 4

409 yards

A good tee shot is a must for any chance of par or birdie on this par 4 that is the favorite hole of many golfers. Go left off the tee and water is in play, go right and out of bounds is possible, too long off the tee and trees may prevent a shot to the deceptively large green. Par will be a good score.

Par 5

473 yards

A relatively short par 5, no. 9 nevertheless offers a challenge for even the most skilled golfer. Tee shots from the gold tees must be carefully placed, and a slight draw will enable the longer hitters to go for the green on their second shot. But beware, as too long and straight off the tee brings out of bounds and two fairway bunkers into play.

A pond guards the large green, which has bunkers left and right. An ample bail out area to the right of the pond provides a landing area for the faint of heart. Birdie can be had, but bogie or worse is also possible.

Par 4

362 yards

Water on the left and out of bounds on the right make an iron or fairway wood off of the tee the smart play on this hole. If you choose to play aggressively, a well struck drive into a rather tight landing area will leave but a short iron to an undulating green.

Par 4

385 yards

A good drive, left of center in the fairway, should make for an easy par on this hole. Right of center and possible tree trouble awaits your second shot. The green has one bunker on the right front.

Par 3

160 yards

Probably the easiest hole on the course, this short par 3 plays to what is the smallest green on the course at 4,840 sq. ft. The green is protected on the left and right by small bunkers, but two putt pars should be routine. Enjoy this brief respite, for the most difficult closing six holes around are coming up!

Par 4

314 yards

This par 4 plays uphill to the highest point on the property and features what is the most deceptive green complex on the course. Your tee shot must avoid the fairway bunker on the left, but go too far right and possible tree trouble awaits. The relatively flat green is surrounded by large grass hollows left and right with two bunkers twenty yards in front. Hint: Trust the yardage and play plenty of club on your second shot

Par 5

587 yards

A true three shot hole for all but the longest hitters, this par 5 offers a wide fairway off the tee, but any drive right of center will leave you with a second shot around a large oak tree. Fairway bunkers await your second shot, and the green is protected by two bunkers on the left.

Par 4

303 yards

Another great risk/reward par four, this hole invites the long hitter to pull the driver and go for the green. But trouble, in the form of four deep bunkers, awaits on the right and water is in play on the left if the drive is not down the middle. Birdie can be made on the large sloping green, but bogie or worse can result from a wayward drive.

Par 3

165 yards

A tee shot over water to a three tiered green makes this perhaps the most interesting par 3 on the golf course. If playing from the gold tees, a front right pin placement will make your club selection critical. Par should be routine, but with the water.

Par 4

431 yards

This long and tight par 4 is the first of two of the toughest finishing holes you could ask for. From the gold tees, a large hardwood tree on the right and pines on the left wait for any drive that is not down the middle. In your second shot, pay attention to the hole location, as this huge 7,520 sq. ft. green, the largest on the course, can mean as much as a three club difference. Par is definitely a good score.

Par 4/5

426 yards

From the blue or gold tees, this hole presents a very challenging par 4 finishing hole. From the white or red tees, the hole plays as a reachable par 5. A pond guards the front of the large green, and two deep bunkers on the right make any shot from the bail out area right of the pond interesting. Par on this hole is a great way to finish your round.